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2022 Wrap Up - La Nina

With another year under our belt, it's fair to say we have been humbled by the power of Mother Nature. It feels like not much happened in 2022 due to never-ending poor weather conditions. However, upon reflecting on the projects we've completed throughout the year, they have been the most exciting, challenging and most profitable projects we've worked on.

2022 began with two exciting projects right out of the gate within the automotive space! The first project was the Sunset Run Supercar Rally which kicked off at The Boatworks. The second project was to showcase the opening of the Indooroopilly Automall. Nothing beats the thrill of flying around luxurious supercars and getting cool content, and meeting influential people with fun toys. It was also great fun flying around a superyacht marina and shopping centre environments. Not something you do everyday!

In the second quarter we were approached by Directed Electronics Australia to shoot the promotional video of their new lineup of Zero-X drones to be displayed online and in stores nation wide. We were the first to get our hands on and fly the 10 different models of the 2022 Zero-X drone range. Due to non-disclosure agreements, not much of this footage has been shared, but this project was definitely the most challenging and high pressure project we've worked on due to time restraints, poor weather conditions and a range of other hurdles. Direct Electronics Australia has been our biggest client to date, and thankfully they were extremely understanding of the hurdles we encountered, and also offered open and honest feedback and communication throughout the project

With the exception of a few other small projects throughout the year, Pretty Fly Drone Co continues to strategically work within our risk tolerances. While it is possible to fly in windy or light rain conditions, the risk of damage to our fleet or accidents occurring increases. Instead, we value the investment of our equipment, the quality of our content, and the safety of our clients and their property. Poor weather usually means that poor content will be captured, due to shaky footage or less precise manoeuvres due to wind, or rain droplets on the lens. It's higher risk for little reward, and we would rather decline a project than deliver poor content.

La Nina has not dampened our spirits, and we continue to remain optimistic for 2023. The plan is to continue marketing our services, offer value to our clients, and be strategic of the equipment we invest in. Thankfully, if the poor weather continues we can focus on indoor marketing fly-throughs and both commercial and residential real estate photography. However, our goals remain large and hopefully we can tap into new sectors.


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