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Pretty Fly now on Vero

Remember the MySpace days? Those were the good days of social media. There were no advertisements, you were able to personalise your page to show were true personality, and you only saw content from people that you were interested in. But customising your page took forever, and left you feeling like an online hacker once you managed to have your HTML code display the way you wanted.

Then Facebook came along and killed MySpace. It ticked the boxes of keeping up to date with your friends and family and it was simple, but it was boring because you were no longer able to show your personality through any sort of customisation. And eventually, ads and sponsored content flooded through. Now not only do you never see content from people you actually care about, those people aren't even posting anymore.

Instagram started out great. The point was to capture your moment and instantly share this experience with your friends. It was pure, raw, and special. But then again, advertisements and sponsorships took over, and the 'insta-nt' feel has been replaced with perfectly curated 'later-gram' content. Now photos on Instagram barely get any views, as it's submerged between short video reels. Pretty Fly Drone Co has also started on the Reels bandwagon as this seems to be the only way to get content out there and grow business, and it has worked in growing followers... somewhat. We think many of the new followers are fake, or bots just trying to get followers of their own.

The point of this trip down memory lane is that I and many others are tired of being bombarded with advertisements and tasteless content. But a new-ish platform is finally getting some traction, and it's refreshing to have a fresh social media user experience that is both pleasant and advertisement free (for now at least).

I first joined Vero with a personal account in 2017 and was blown away by the user experience and layout of the app. However, this platform was ahead of its time, and was never able to compete against Facebook or Instagram, as they were somewhat still engaging back then. But things have changed, and I think people are finally wanting to see content that they find relevant. And this is recently being echoed by one of our favourite content creators, Peter McKinnon.

So what are the stand out features we think that makes Vero better than other social media platforms?

1) No advertisements. Only see people that you follow.

2) Better quality content uploads.

3) Content is separated between media types (Photos, Video, Music etc).

4) View content in full screen, and both in landscape and portrait orientations.

5) Available on all devices, including iPad and desktop apps. (Go ahead, download instagram on your iPad. I dare you!)

Pretty Fly Drone Co has joined Vero, and we think this will be the best way to showcase our work highlights and favourite videos and photos with clients. Don't worry, we will continue to post on other platforms, until they're no longer relevant.

Check out Peter McKinnon's two recent YouTube videos about why he is switching to Vero below:


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