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Skydio Expands Operations to Japan

US drone manufacturers have expanded their operations into Japan as part of their global rollout strategy. This should allow Skydio to begin selling their products within the Asia Pacific Regions. Click here to read more on this story!

We are excited for new competition within the drone industry, and in particular the innovations and partnerships behind the Skydio brand. We are especially excited for the Skydio 2 model, with its ninja-style tracking ability and autonomous capabilities. Not sure what we mean? Watch Casey Neistat try outrun the Skydio 2 amongst some trees, and see his thoughts.

Skydio have also achieved massive milestones in advancing the drone industry (especially with autonomous flight) together with the FAA, and we hope that these changes will be the noted and implemented by CASA here in Australia.

While USA has already been able to get their paws on the Skydio drones, the rest of us have not been so lucky. We cannot wait to get our hands on one!

Image sourced by Skydio's website.


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