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2021 Wrap-Up

It's been another rough year with Covid still causing havoc within the local economy, and the week-by-week regulation changes causing uncertainty when trying to plan anything that involves leaving your home.

Fortunately, Pretty Fly Drone Co is still making progress. We've been taking things slow to avoid any financial strain on expensive equipment or software subscriptions which may have been unused if projects were cancelled or delayed. Pretty Fly has now been operating for approximately 18 months and despite the slow pace, the last quarter has been our best to date, and we remain optimistic about the future. Good things take time and don't come easy.

This year I've been focusing on more personal matters at home, and despite the circumstances I've been luckily enough to narrowly escape numerous lockdowns just in time for a short getaway to Phillip Island (when Victoria was briefly out of lockdown), as well as our 'restriction free' wedding and Tasmanian honeymoon.

The interesting take-away for me in 2021 is how numerous clients have approached Pretty Fly almost a year after initial discussions and meetings with them. The strategy into 2022 will be to continue building professional relationships with clients, and trying to focus on regular contracting arrangements instead of one-off shoots.

I'm excited that Queensland borders are finally open, and travelling interstate is now possible. I have some big ideas for 2022, and looking forward to increased collaboration with other creative professionals, and continuing to reinvest into the business and explore other drone applications.

I look forward to posting future updates on Pretty Fly Drone Co's growth. But for now, have a safe and happy new year!

- Dustin

PS: Huge shoutout to my wife. She has been a huge supporter and drone spotter, and even let me fly a drone inside our wedding reception venue.


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